A quick and focused feedback experience

Get 40 times more responses than email and telephone surveys by using Surveyapp at the point of experience. Say goodbye to ugly and cluttered feedback consoles and screens! Surveyapp presents survey questions in an intuitive and visual manner, encouraging respondents to interact with it.

How Surveyapp works

Use Surveyapp on an iPad or Android tablet and conduct surveys in-person or with any generic stand or our Surveyapp Stand. Surveyapp uses your existing WiFi connection or 3G network to send responses to our cloud based reporting system. Surveyapp can also collect feedback offline!


Decide your strategic survey questions and choose your metric (e.g. NPS).


Deploy your survey to Surveyapp on your devices remotely or manually select your survey. Position the devices in places of high footfall.


View feedback in realtime and let our reporting make sense of the data. Use this information to improve your services and products.

Approachable, intuitive, modern

Surveyapp is built for collecting feedback in high traffic environments. Surveyapp smiley face feedback terminals are perfect for use in airports, shopping malls, hospitals, classrooms and the workplace.

Contact Us

Call us on +44 (0)33 0001 0042. Address: VOC Metrics Limited, 1 Trinity Gardens, Broad Chare, Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 2HF. Company Number: 09595489.