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Offline tablet survey app

Gather instant feedback using a tablet or dedicated terminal, even offline. Enjoy the flexibility to collect data anywhere – whether you’re capturing customer feedback, gathering leads at an expo stand, conducting on-street market research or even carrying out an on-site audit.

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Collect usable feedback via email

Send out timely customised email surveys to find out how your customers and employees feel. Track any experience metric including NPS, eNPS, CSAT or Customer Effort Score.

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SurveyKiosk - for a fully managed solution

Capture real-time feedback at the point-of-experience using SurveyKiosk - a fully managed and scalable feedback solution deployed across all your key touchpoints. Get to the bottom of why your customers and employees are happy or not.

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Online conversational surveys

Collect feedback online using links, QR codes, email signatures and social media. Embed Surveyapp to seamlessly integrate feedback into your website without disrupting the browsing or shopping experience.

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One click, limitless opportunities to improve!

Smiley Buttons are perfect for a quick feedback check in areas with fast moving traffic hotspots. The familiar smiley icons encourage maximum engagement and result in extremely high response rates.

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Real-time feedback

Get real-time feedback and alerts on the things that matter to you with our app push notifications, SMS and Email Alerts. Get the key insights you need at any time and collaborate with your team on urgent issues flagged up, with our Manager App and case management system.

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Automated survey data analysis and reporting

Spot patterns in your data automatically with detailed statistical and text analysis using our real-time analytics suite. See your data come to life visually and track your performance over time.Surveyapp makes it easy to measure and understand feedback so you can drive growth and innovation.

Customer Experience Management Software

Listen to what your customers are saying, and turn them into your biggest champions by fixing CX issues before they break your business.

Surveyapp’s powerful intelligence and analytics make it easy to keep track of customer experience. Listen continuously and act immediately, to drive the meaningful interventions that will generate business value and make the biggest difference to your bottom line.

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Employee Experience Management Software

Make your people your biggest champions. Happy staff are more motivated to promote their company, helping you deliver fantastic results.

By using Surveyapp to gather continuous feedback, your organisation will have the insights it needs to implement change and drive innovation – growing engagement, improving productivity and innovation, and nurturing and retaining talent.

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