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The perfect solution for collecting feedback in busy locations.


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You're In Happy Company 😉

We're helping thousands of companies get their customer experience and employee engagement right through our point of experience surveys.

Put A Smile On Your Customers’ Faces

Surveyapp’s smiley feedback terminals are easy to set up, allowing your customers to answer quick, focussed and thoughtfully designed questions in airports, shopping centres, hospitals, workplaces and other high-traffic places.

Not just a pretty face

Surveyapp gives you the flexibility to ask different types of questions. Choose from Net Promoter Score (NPS), Likert scales, free text and more, as well as the iconic smiley face option.

Find out what’s up

Something not right? Unlike fixed-button survey terminals, Surveyapp lets you ask follow-up questions.

Find out why someone is unhappy, but also why they feel that way – and gain the insight and confidence to make the necessary improvements.

A complete solution for your survey needs

Featuring a stand, a tablet and our unique software, Surveyapp terminals include everything you need to start gathering valuable user feedback.

Survey Terminals

Key features of the terminals include:

  • Full kiosk mode, with pin-protected access for security
  • Kid-proof interface – the terminal maintains survey integrity by detecting repeated presses, or responses that are too close together
  • Automatic time-out and reset if a survey is unanswered or abandoned midway
  • Customisable interface to match your brand.

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Surveyapp Software

Using the Surveyapp software, you can:

  • Easily create surveys, and deploy them remotely in seconds
  • Collect feedback online and offline
  • Receive instant alerts by email and SMS, so that your frontline managers can be alerted to service issues as they happen
  • View real-time feedback and detailed analysis via the software’s wallboards and reports
  • Receive regular reports via email.

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Customer Feedback Surveys

Surveyapp is used across the world by organisations including airports, ferry terminals, hospitals, shopping centres and schools.

Gather insights you can quickly act upon by asking customers how they feel, and why. Win customers’ loyalty and trust by showing that you value their opinions.

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Employee Feedback Surveys

Old-fashioned annual employee surveys belong in the Dark Ages. What’s the point in asking your team to feed back when it’s too late to do anything about it?

With Surveyapp, you can keep on top of how your staff are feeling, all year round.

Nip problems in the bud before they escalate, and you’ll find that you have happier staff, better productivity, and a more successful and profitable business.

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Interested in the complete Surveyapp solution?

Ask about our popular Enterprise Plans, which include stands, tablets, unlimited survey responses, and access to a dedicated account manager.