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Turn your iPad or Android tablet into a smiley survey terminal and capture customer or employee feedback at the point of experience.


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It's all about the feedback experience

Engaged users deliver the best-quality feedback. Surveyapp does this by being familiar, intuitive and visual – asking questions in a human, conversational style to encourage interaction and deliver a high response rate.

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Collect feedback anywhere

Wherever your respondents are – airport, shopping mall, hospital, school or workplace – Surveyapp’s smiley survey interface helps you gather intelligence on site to optimise the way you work. It even works offline!

Face-to-face and kiosk surveys

Gather instant, actionable feedback from your customers or staff with Surveyapp’s user-friendly surveys, delivered via a hand-held device or a dedicated terminal.

Unrivalled customisation

Surveyapp makes it easy to communicate your brand identity. Display logos, add images, and show off your brand using customised themes and layouts.

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Easy peasy to set up

All you need is an iPad or Android tablet! Install the app, and conduct your survey in person or using a stand.

Surveyapp uses your WiFi or mobile data connection to send responses to our advanced cloud-based reporting system. No signal? No problem! Surveyapp can collect feedback offline to be automatically synched later.

SurveyKiosk - for a fully managed solution

SurveyKiosk is our fully managed out-of-box solution which comes with unlimited survey responses, and access to a dedicated account manager.

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Get NPS, CES and CSAT happiness ratings

Whether you’re tracking your Net Promoter Score (NPS), CSAT (Customer Satisfaction Score) or just monitoring employee satisfaction ratings in your workplace, our surveys are perfectly designed to accommodate these question types.

Real-time feedback

Get real-time feedback and alerts on the things that matter to you with our app push notifications, SMS and Email Alerts. Get the key insights you need at any time and collaborate with your team on urgent issues flagged up, with our Manager App and case management system.

Analytics with attitude

Spot patterns in your data automatically with detailed statistical and text analysis using our analytics suite. See your data come to life visually and track your performance over time.

Report scheduling

Scheduled reports provide regular snapshots of survey performance without the need to be logged in to the Surveyapp dashboard.

Simply choose your automated reports, specify when you want to receive them, and get access to the latest insights from within your email inbox.

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Easy, quick setup

Fast and simple to set up, just install Surveyapp on your device, design your first survey online, and start collecting responses straight away.

Offline surveys

No signal? No problem. Capture responses even without an Internet connection, using Surveyapp’s handy offline surveys functionality.

Deploy surveys remotely

There’s no need for physical access to the device your survey will appear on – design your survey wherever it’s convenient, and deploy it online from anywhere.

Scalable with your business

From single-tablet surveys to premium options for footfall hotspots, Surveyapp is easily scalable with your organisation’s changing needs.

Choice of question types

Combine familiar smiley-face options with alternative question types, such as Net Promoter Score (NPS), Likert scales or free text – the choice is yours.

Skip logic functionality

Use Surveyapp’s skip logic and conditional branching functionality to maximise engagement, by tailoring questions based on respondents’ previous answers.

Branding and personalisation

Customise and personalise surveys to match your brand, by adding a logo or background, or choosing an appropriate design and colour scheme.

Multi-language surveys

Ask questions in your respondents’ own languages. Surveyapp supports the design and analysis of questions in any language, including Japanese and Arabic.

Real-time results

Get live survey results delivered to your mobile or desktop device, to help you monitor and react to changing service levels in real time.

Scheduled reports

Set up scheduled reports to deliver regular insights to your and your managers’ inboxes, to help track trends and support decision-making.

Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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