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Use the power of smiley face surveys to gain invaluable insights into customer and employee satisfaction. Our universally recognised smiley face scale ensures exceptional response rates and accurate feedback on experiences.


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So, what exactly is a smiley face survey?

Utilizing a 2 to 5 point smiley face rating scale, a smiley face survey captures customer feedback using emojis displaying different expressions. Customers simply choose the emoji that best represents their experience, from a frown for a less-than-ideal encounter to a radiant smile for an exceptional one.

Why use smiley face surveys?

With Smileys surveys, you can gather instant feedback, gaining insights into whether customers are happy or not with your brand or service, allowing you to quickly identify any issues and address them.


Smiley face surveys are straightforward and easy to understand, making them accessible to a wide range of respondents.


Respondents can quickly select a smiley face that represents their sentiment, eliminating the need for lengthy written responses.

Universal Understanding

The use of smiley faces as a rating scale is widely recognized and understood across the globe, overcoming language barriers and ensuring clear and consistent feedback interpretation.


Smiley face surveys are completed faster compared to surveys that require written responses, enabling higher response rates and reducing respondent fatigue.

Engaging and Interactive

The visual nature of smiley face surveys enhances respondent engagement, making the survey experience more enjoyable.

Actionable Insights

The collected data from smiley face surveys provides valuable insights into customer or employee satisfaction, allowing organizations to identify areas for improvement and enhance experiences.


Smiley face surveys can be used in various contexts, such as customer satisfaction, employee feedback, event evaluations, and more.


Implementing smiley face surveys is a cost-effective solution, as they require minimal resources and can be easily administered on a tablet, Survey Kiosk, Smiley Buttons or online.

When to use smiley face surveys

Smiley surveys can be used in a variety of situations to measure customer satisfaction, whether on-premise or online, including:

Customer Service Feedback

After a customer has interacted with your customer service team, a smiley survey can be used to gauge their satisfaction with the service they received.

Event Feedback

After hosting an event, a smiley survey can be used to gather feedback from attendees on their overall experience and satisfaction.

Post-Purchase Feedback

After a customer has made a purchase, a smiley survey can be used to gather feedback on their experience and satisfaction with the product or service.

Website or App Feedback

After a customer has used your website or app, a smiley survey can be used to gather feedback on their user experience and overall satisfaction.

Post-support surveys

By collecting feedback after ticket closures, you can uncover strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring continuous enhancement of customer service across the board.

Employee Satisfaction

Smiley surveys can also be used to measure employee satisfaction, allowing you to gather feedback on the work environment, company culture, and more.

Student Feedback

Smiley face surveys can be used in schools and universities to get feedback from students about the student experience and also on classes and lectures.

Regular Feedback

Smiley surveys can be used on a regular basis to collect ongoing feedback from customers, allowing you to monitor and improve customer satisfaction over time.

How to distribute your smiley face survey

Gathering feedback with Surveyapp is a breeze. Our online survey platform enables you to effortlessly create smiley face surveys that can be distributed through various channels and on various devices.

Tablet App

Gather instant feedback with smiley face surveys using a tablet, even when offline. Enjoy the flexibility to collect data anywhere – whether you’re capturing customer feedback, gathering leads at an expo stand, conducting on-street market research or even carrying out an on-site audit.

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Smiley Buttons

In bustling areas with high foot traffic, Smiley Buttons are ideal for swift feedback check-ins. With their recognizable smiley icons, they promote maximum engagement, leading to remarkably high response rates.

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Survey Kiosk

Uncover the truth behind customer and employee satisfaction with SurveyKiosk - an easily scalable and fully managed smiley feedback kiosk solution that captures real-time insights at every touchpoint. Dive deep into the reasons behind happiness or discontentment, empowering you to make data-driven improvements.

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Email Surveys

Efficiently gauge customer and employee sentiments by sending personalized email surveys in a timely manner. Track various experience metrics such as NPS, eNPS, CSAT, or Customer Effort Score to gain valuable insights.

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Easily gather online feedback through various channels such as links, QR codes, email signatures, and social media. Seamlessly integrate Surveyapp into your website to capture feedback without interrupting the browsing or shopping experience.

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Real-time feedback

Get real-time feedback and alerts on the things that matter to you with our app push notifications, SMS and Email Alerts. Get the key insights you need at any time and collaborate with your team on urgent issues flagged up, with our Manager App and case management system.

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Unlock a deep understanding of user happiness through comprehensive reporting and advanced analytics

Unleash the power of Surveyapp analytics to simplify your workload: extract valuable insights from customer feedback, delve into root causes, and establish connections between feedback and specific timeframes or locations. Let our analytics handle the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on actionable improvements.

  • Find out the real reason behind the smiley face ratings.
  • Monitor customer sentiment over time and identify the root causes of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Uncover and track specific patterns, witnessing the impact of your improvements firsthand.
  • Compare different locations and touchpoints to identify areas with potential for growth.
  • Visualize feedback data effortlessly, send reports directly to your inbox on a scheduled basis.
  • Monitor feedback on the go with Surveyapp Manager app.

Real-time dashboards at your fingertips

With Surveyapp, you'll gain insights into the voice of your customers like never before. Instantly ready for analysis, make informed decisions based on the wealth of real-time information at your disposal.

  • See your smiley feedback scores as they come in.
  • Monitor and track KPIs such as response rates, Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) or Net Promoter Score (NPS).
  • Compare current KPIs to previous periods so you know you are always improving on past performances.
  • View metrics for multiple survey campaigns, all in one dashboard.

From smiley feedback to action

Armed with Surveyapp’s in-depth reports, you can target improvements to your organisation on the things that will make your customers or users happiest.

Decision-making with feedback-driven improvements

Empower your team to take proactive steps based on valuable customer insights and drive continuous improvement every day. Stay in the loop with email reports, alerts, and integrations such as Slack and MS Teams that ensure feedback reaches the right individuals who can drive meaningful change.

Expand success throughout your organization

Foster knowledge sharing and compare customer satisfaction among store or location managers to replicate local achievements company-wide.

Close the feedback loop

By integrating Surveyapp with your help desk, you can seamlessly close the loop, transforming dissatisfied customers into loyal advocates. Each feedback received becomes a valuable opportunity to enhance and nurture your customer relationships, fostering long-lasting loyalty and success.

Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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