Hassle-free customer satisfaction surveys (CSAT)

Ask CSAT questions to track how happy your customers are – and use Surveyapp’s detailed, visual insights to inspire even better experiences.


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Enjoyable surveys = better responses

You can’t expect insightful data from a terrible survey. That’s why Surveyapp focuses on creating great customer experiences – complementing your brand, and delivering honest feedback.

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Choose your survey channel

Surveyapp is designed to be as flexible as you are. Because it supports various channels, multiple devices and all languages, how you ask your CSAT questions is in your hands.


Import your contacts list, and we’ll ping CSAT surveys over to your chosen addresses. To maximise response rates, customers reply right from the email, with no need for external clicks.

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Web links, QR codes and embedded surveys

Gather customer feedback by sharing web links, scannable QR codes and through social media channels, or straight from your website by embedding surveys as widgets and chatbots. Fully responsive, our surveys work perfectly on mobiles, tablets or computers.

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SurveyKiosk and offline app

Capture feedback at the point of experience with our SurveyKiosk or using your own tablets with our offline survey app. Simply position the kiosk at check out desks, entry and exit points or places with high footfall and leave the rest to us.

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Powerful analytics and insights

Many companies still collect customer data that they don’t, or can’t, use. That’s why Surveyapp uses a dynamic online dashboard to make viewinWith Surveyapp’s visual, detailed analytics, making sense of your data has never been easier.

  • Uncover sticking points that are creating detractors for your brand
  • Track changing customer reactions over a period of time
  • Understand how different market segments feel about what you offer
  • Target your actions where most needed, then monitor the effects of those changes
  • Filter feedback by location or product line to identify exemplary team members.

Robust data for decisive action

Collecting customer feedback is just the start – it’s how you act on it that matters. By providing usable insights based on solid data, Surveyapp gives you the ammunition to implement change.

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Easy-to-use insights, in real time

Surveyapp’s online dashboard is visual and dynamic, making it simple and enjoyable to view your real-time insights – and to see where your intervention is needed most.

  • Follow and act upon the latest survey data from your customers, as it arrives.
  • Monitor different products or operating sites, all from within a single dashboard.
  • Filter feedback to see how specific business units or customer types compare.
  • Use advanced keyword searches to drill down into particular customer segments.
  • Uncover sticking points that are creating detractors for your brand

Target change where needed

Surveyapp does the hard work so that you can get on with the important stuff. Our attractive, intuitive dashboard has all the tools you need – view wallboards in real time, alert managers by email or text, and align CSAT data with your case management systems, no problem.

Work those detractors

No company likes to see unhappy customers, but it’s always better that you know who they are. Surveyapp integrates easily with your customer helpdesk systems, and offers tagging tools and user-management functions to let you work on repairing those relationships.

Celebrate your fans

Getting loyal customers to come back is always easier than winning new ones from scratch. Surveyapp’s follow-up functions help you nurture those relationships by sending thank-you messages, promoting your social media channels, or encouraging customers to post reviews.

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