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With Surveyapp’s software, it’s never been simpler to engage with your employees in real time. Listen to their feedback and experiences, and take the actions that will optimise your company’s success.


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We're helping thousands of companies get their customer experience and employee engagement right.

Make your people your biggest champions

It’s not rocket science – happy staff are more motivated to promote their company, helping you deliver fantastic results.

By using Surveyapp to gather continuous feedback, your organisation will have the insights it needs to implement change and drive innovation – growing engagement, improving productivity, and nurturing talent.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your workforce

Surveyapp’s listening engine lets you track employee happiness, and quickly tackle any issues that are damaging motivation.

Use the built-in pulse surveys feature, or collect anonymous always-on feedback. Our world-class software has the listening tools you need to drive engagement and build a great business.

Deliver personalised insights to the right managers

Surveyapp maps all new feedback to the right department manager – making sure that insights go straight to the person who can take immediate action.

With responses automatically targeted, your team leaders only receive the data that’s relevant to them – freeing them up to focus their time and energy where it most matters.

Employee survey software that grows as you grow

No matter how big or small your organisation, Surveyapp scales with you – from pulse surveys and on-site QR codes, to always-on survey terminals.

With content and survey templates available to streamline the engagement process, you can focus on capturing the ongoing employee feedback that you need – using your valuable insights to drive continuous organisational change.

Focus on your key drivers of engagement

Surveyapp’s analytics are focused on converting employee feedback into real actions, by understanding the key drivers that impact staff engagement.

From loyalty to management issues, incoming data highlights the factors affecting performance in the workplace – showing you the action planning needed to rebuild satisfaction and engagement.

Stop a toxic work culture in its tracks

Left unchecked, staff discontentment leads to a negative work environment, where problems that are not being heard damage the bottom line.

Surveyapp’s ongoing pulse surveys and intelligent analytics help you identify those issues straight away – averting crises, and preventing issues becoming embedded in the company culture.

Integrate your platforms to drive positive change

Optimise your workflows using Surveyapp’s easy integration with other HR tools, including Service Now, Salesforce, Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Hubspot.

Your teams can not only take action to improve experience, but can make organisational changes that are truly rooted in their context.

Protect your people data

All data through Surveyapp is collected, analysed and stored to the highest security standards – and read only by you, or the team leaders you choose.

With Surveyapp’s industry-leading commitment to keeping your data safe and maintaining employee anonymity, you can rest assured that your information repository is in safe hands.

What is employee experience?

The term “employee experience” (EX) encompasses all the things that your staff see, hear and go through while they are working for your organisation.

Most businesses are rightly invested in providing a good customer experience (CX), but employee experience is not always given the same attention. Yet, the people tasked with delivering that customer experience will underperform if they feel ignored, undervalued or demotivated by your company.

So, by continually listening and acting, you’ll build not only a more supportive and inspiring workplace, but also a company that is more agile, respected and profitable.

We’ve got your back

Surveyapp’s easy-to-use technology is backed up by industry-leading support, and by expertise built up from years of working in and understanding the customer experience landscape.

Access our support teams whenever you need them, get our advice on your customer experience programme, and let us help you get your CX systems up and running.

Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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