Track your organisation’s Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Join thousands of organisations in using Net Promoter Score (NPS) to measure customer loyalty. Surveyapp makes tracking long-term advocacy hassle-free.


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Making surveys fun to complete

So many customer surveys are, frankly, really bad. Surveyapp makes the process enjoyable, cementing a positive image of your brand and encouraging customers to answer your questions.

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Choose how you survey

However you want to deliver your NPS survey, we can sort it for you. Surveyapp supports different channels, various devices, and works in any language.


Simply upload your contacts list, and we’ll deliver the NPS surveys to those addresses. Customers respond right from their inbox, with no need to click through somewhere else.

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Web links, QR codes and embedded surveys

Gather customer feedback by sharing web links, scannable QR codes and through social media channels, or straight from your website by embedding surveys as widgets and chatbots. Our NPS surveys work perfectly and look great whether customers are on a mobile, tablet or computer.

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SurveyKiosk and offline app

Capture feedback at the point of experience with SurveyKiosk or using your own tablets with our offline survey app. Simply position the kiosk at check out desks, entry and exit points or places with high footfall and leave the rest to us.

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Visual insights that cut a dash

Many companies still collect customer data that they don’t, or can’t, use. That’s why Surveyapp uses a dynamic online dashboard to make viewing real-time insights a pleasure.

  • Track multiple business locations or product lines, all within the one dashboard.
  • Read and act upon your customers’ live feedback, as they submit it.
  • Use filters to see scores from certain customer types, or from specific business units.
  • Hone your search using keywords, to understand how specific segments feel.

Act with confidence

Any customer-facing organisation is judged not by the feedback it gathers, but by how it acts on that feedback. We sort the survey side of things, so that you can focus on meaningful action.

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Detailed analytics and rich insights

Surveyapp’s powerful built-in analytics help you make sense of all the NPS feedback you collect.

  • Monitor customer reactions over time
  • Compare and contrast the feelings of different market segments
  • Identify problem issues that are making customers unhappy
  • Target specific concerns and monitor the impact of any changes you make
  • Break down data by product line or location to identify shining stars.

Make informed changes

Everything Surveyapp generates via its user-friendly dashboard is designed to make your job easier. Browse the real-time wallboards, send alerts to relevant staff by email or SMS, and integrate our NPS data with your case management systems.

Turn detractors into fans

Though negative feedback can be hard to take, it highlights opportunities to build better customer relationships. Offering everything from user-management tools to tagging capabilities, Surveyapp aligns with your helpdesk functions to let you turn unhappy clients into brand champions.

Seize the power of your tribe

Whether they’re long-term fans or newly converted, Surveyapp helps you build and encourage your tribe. Send post-survey thank-you messages by default, and encourage longer-term relationships by inviting customers to leave a review or connect on social media.

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