Understand and delight your customers

With online competition, physical retailers must up their game when it comes to customer satisfaction. Get the experience right, and your shoppers will keep coming back for more.

Surveyapp helps you build a tribe of loyal and happy customers by:

  • Undertaking point-of-sale surveys to keep track of instore service levels
  • Collecting product performance feedback to improve the offer instore
  • Engaging your shoppers through product and concept testing
  • Carrying out market research to understand customer preferences

Surveys that shoppers want to complete

Every day on the high street, thousands of shoppers enter stores to browse, but leave without feeding back on their visit. Where feedback is requested, till-receipt surveys make the customer do all the legwork – and ask closed, generic questions that frustrate more than engage.

Surveyapp is different – it asks questions shoppers want to answer, and gives retailers real-time insights on real experiences.

Simple, hassle-free surveys instore

By positioning a survey terminal by the checkout or store exit, customers and non-customers can share their feedback while it’s still top of mind.

And, by making the process easy and engaging, using smiley-face options or a choice of other question types, your shoppers are more likely to respond.

Understand what your customers love, and what frustrates them

Surveyapp tells you what your shopper base is thinking, delivering timely insights that you can use to fix issues and improve service levels.

By encouraging customers to feed back instore, they’re more likely to feel positive about your brand – and less likely to share frustrations online.

With a mix-and-match choice of question types, Surveyapp delivers powerful, real-time insights on the topics that matter to your customers and your business.

Point-of-sale satisfaction surveys

How was the experience instore today?

By capturing shoppers’ insights straight after the transaction, you ensure their feedback is fresh – letting you get straight in there to fix any problems.

Real-time experiments

Use Surveyapp’s analytics to identify service issues as they occur, and implement change on the shopfloor in real time.

Frontline managers can immediately see the impact of their changes via the dashboard.

Implement case management without fuss

Surveyapp tracks the issues that respondents highlight, making follow-up streamlined and trouble-free.

Alert particular team members when surveys highlight a department-specific issue.

Grow your Net Promoter Score (NPS®)

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) metric lets you measure and track customer loyalty, and find out whether they would recommend your brand.

Use your insights to implement change, and turn unhappy Detractors into loyal Promoters.

Gauge customer reaction to product development, ranges and pricing

Own-label product innovation can be key to a successful retail business.

Let your customers feed back on new product or service offerings, or get early reaction to initiatives still in the development cycle.

Optimise the effectiveness of product and shop displays

Surveyapp makes it easy to collect consumer feedback as part of your visual merchandising research.

Find out what shoppers think of your window displays, and understand their effectiveness in grabbing attention and driving footfall.

Undertake research on customer preferences

Surveyapp is a ready-made tool for carrying out your own market research instore.

Understand more about your customers’ lifestyles, preferences and behaviours, and use these insights to enhance and optimise the experience they receive.

Get customers to sign up to loyalty programmes

Surveyapp gives you the option to collect feedback anonymously, or request customer data such as names, emails and telephone numbers.

Use the information you collect to engage with customers through e-mail newsletters, competitions and loyalty programmes.

Benefit from powerful native text analytics

Surveyapp features built-in text analytics – and clear, advanced reporting – that turn open question responses into actionable insights.

Spot trends and set priorities, based on what shoppers tell you in their own words.

Use eNPS to turn colleagues into Promoters too

Surveyapp is not just for customers – many businesses use it to collect valuable staff feedback.

Build surveys featuring employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) questions to see how staff feel about their workplace – and ensure that they become your store’s biggest advocates.

Interested in the complete Surveyapp solution?

Ask about our popular Enterprise Plans, which include stands, tablets, unlimited survey responses, and access to a dedicated account manager.