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Get customer feedback anywhere

Wherever your customers are, get feedback on their experiences in the moments that matter – in person, online, by email, or by SurveyKiosk – and ensure that every voice is heard.

By capturing reactions in real time, you can build a holistic view of how customers are feeling, and take immediate action to fix any problems.

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Win over unhappy customers

Listen to what your customers are saying, and turn them into your biggest champions by fixing CX issues before they break your business.

Surveyapp’s world-class listening engine and powerful analytics make it easy to keep track of customer experience. Listen continuously and act immediately, to drive the meaningful interventions that will generate business value and make the biggest difference to your bottom line.

Close the loop

With predictive intelligence and closed-loop actioning built in, you can understand customer behaviour, respond to feedback, and let your customers know that their opinions matter.

Designed to be fully scalable, Surveyapp evolves in parallel with your organisation – drive action throughout the business, to grow customer satisfaction and spend.

Send feedback direct to the right team members

When service levels drop, Surveyapp’s case management software makes sure alerts are sent to the right team member for the job. By acting quickly, you can turn around customer satisfaction, retain loyalty, and grow spend.

Simple drag-and-drop integration with tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams makes it easy to receive and respond to alerts, assign tasks, and track progress – ensuring that the customer remains your centre of attention.

Become a pro at customer retention

Track the entire customer experience journey with detailed analytics and predictive intelligence that let you understand trends, identify patterns, and focus attention on customer retention and loyalty.

Spot the key drivers that are making your customers happy or not, and then share those reports and insights with team members via the Surveyapp analytics suite.

Get the holistic view you need

View all your most important operational insights in one place by integrating Surveyapp data with other systems, such as Salesforce.

By bringing together customer feedback and other data into one dashboard, you can understand the relationships, pull out key trends, and take action to fix the issues that are negatively impacting your business.

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Get your teams working as one

Simple integration between Surveyapp’s case management software and other systems like Slack and Salesforce mean it’s easy to get all your teams working as one to improve the customer experience.

Feed all your key insights into the one system, to ping out alerts where they’re needed and deliver a seamless, coordinated response.

Galvanise your CX programme

Gather feedback from every point of interaction across the customer journey to build a competitor-beating customer experience programme for your organisation.

With automated feedback collection from offline and online touchpoints, Surveyapp is the only omnichannel customer experience management platform you need.

Be the best at CX

Easily get to grips with Surveyapp’s user-friendly software by drawing from our resource library of how-to-use scenarios, question banks, and industry insight blogs.

As experts in all things customer experience, our ever-changing database of content provides the inspiration for you to understand the fast-moving CX landscape and make sure that your organisation is on top of its game.

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Easy to use, and 100% focused on delivering value, Surveyapp is the CX tool that can transform your business.

Get set up in minutes, and start giving your customers the brilliant responsive experience that they crave – using our rich insights to turn unhappy customers into happy customers, and happy customers into promoters.

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Surveyapp’s easy-to-use technology is backed up by industry-leading support, and by expertise built up from years of working in and understanding the customer experience landscape.

Access our support teams whenever you need them, get our advice on your customer experience programme, and let us help you get your CX systems up and running.

Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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Take actions that make an impact

Go beyond measurement and take the actions that will generate real business value. Designed to be scalable and sustainable, CustomerXM helps you drive action throughout the organisation.

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