Collect usable feedback via email

Send out timely email surveys to find out how your customers feel.


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We're helping thousands of companies get their customer experience and employee engagement right through our point of experience surveys.

Reply directly from the email

Customers respond to Surveyapp email surveys right from their inbox. Fewer clicks mean higher response rates and less hassle.

Ask questions the way you want

For meaningful answers, you must ask the right questions. With our flexible formats and conditional question options, we go beyond what others offer.

Get NPS and CSAT happiness ratings

Whether you’re tracking your Net Promoter Score (NPS), or monitoring your CSAT ratings, our email surveys are designed to accommodate both.

Surveys that look good everywhere

Whether your customers are using a mobile, tablet or computer, Surveyapp email surveys are designed to look gorgeous and function perfectly every time.

User-friendly customisation

Surveyapp’s easy-to-use interface makes customising your email survey a breeze. Add your logo, choose a different language, or write your own thank you message.

Import contact data your way

Our email survey app makes it easy to add your contacts. Paste a list, or import from CSV or Excel, and you’ll be surveying your new customers in no time.

Delivery included

Create your survey, add your contacts, and then leave it with us. Surveyapp takes care of sending out your surveys and gathering all the responses.

Survey anonymously

Collecting sensitive data, like staff feedback? Our anonymous survey option lets you target your contacts list without then knowing whose response is whose.

Survey when it suits

Surveyapp’s scheduling function lets you distribute your surveys at the optimal date and time. Hit your customers’ inbox when they’re most likely to open and respond.

REST API for effective automation

You can use Surveyapp's REST API, meaning that you can programme email surveys to go out straight after each customer interaction.

Throttling to prevent over-surveying

Nothing scares away even loyal customers more than too many emails. We use survey throttling to avoid over-touching and to maximise response rates.

Optimised for the best response

As you’d expect, we live and breathe survey software. So, you can trust us to use our expertise to optimise the deliverability and response rates of your surveys.

Send surveys from your own domain

Survey emails that come from your own domain reinforce your brand and build customers’ trust. To make that happen, we’ll configure custom DNS for you, no problem.

Reassurance of authenticated delivery

We use the email authentication protocols DKIM, SPF and DMARC to verify each survey we send out, and to ensure a reliable and secure delivery.

Send ongoing surveys automatically

Do you want to survey your customers on a recurring basis? Easy. Simply add your customer contacts, choose the interval between surveys, and we’ll handle the rest.

Interested in the complete Surveyapp solution?

Ask about our popular Enterprise Plans, which include stands, tablets, unlimited survey responses, and access to a dedicated account manager.