Collect feedback when it matters

Unlike email and telephone surveys which collect feedback hours or days after the actual customer experience, Surveyapp encourages your customers to provide feedback immediately after service has been experienced in-store. Use our smiley survey app to ask pertinent questions about your service and allow your staff to keep an eye on your service levels in realtime.

Surveyapp presents survey questions in an intuitive and visual manner, using universally familiar smiley emoticons. Our approachable console encourages respondents to leave feedback easily - Surveyapp typically attracts 40 times more responses than email and telephone surveys.

A fully customisable survey solution

With Surveyapp, you are not restricted by the type of question you can ask your customers. Unlike custom built survey consoles, Surveyapp allows you to build your own smiley survey questions.

Get insight behind the feedback rating by asking follow-up questions. Choose from a range of smiley face survey questions, custom questions, capture free text or even use the official 0-10 point NPS question. You can also customise the color of the buttons to match your brand.

Approachable, intuitive, modern

Surveyapp is built for collecting feedback in high traffic environments. Surveyapp terminals are perfect for use in airports, shopping malls, hospitals, classrooms and the workplace.

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